Biggest Blanket I’ve Ever Made!

Here you go! I finally finished this huge blanket! It’s the biggest I’ve ever made!



My Korean Life

I’ve moved to Korea some weeks ago and I found it really hard to find yarn here. But after some researching and exploring the city, I found this beautiful yarn on a market. I love the different splashes of colour! Started crocheting a C2C blanket with it but since I don’t have enough for a whole blanket, I’ll probably use it as a center piece of another blanket. 🙂

Crochet along with me…

Today I’m showing you the progess of my current crochet work! It’s a grannystripes blanket using 6 different colours of Stylecraft Special DK yarn. People who don’t crochet can’t even imagine how much time goes into crocheting a human-sized blanket! I started end of July and one month later, I’m only half-way through it. Although it’s much work, it is also so beautiful to see the progress and I just enjoy crocheting so much! I wish I could do it all day!

Chosen colours:


I started off with 7 rows of graphite, followed by 2 rows of a neutral!


To add some colour, I continued with 7 rows of pale rose. To keep the colours neat and separated, I always add 2 rows of this neutral white-ish (parchment) colour. The first added green shade is cypress.



Last but not least I added a purple shade named grape, followed by a green shade named sage.


I’m half-way through the giant blanket and it’s looking like this at the moment.